‘Featured Athlete’ Mike Rashid – WBFF Pro, Coach at MetroFlex CA, Better Bodies Sponsored Athlete



Height: 5’11”

Weight: 220 lbs

Hi Mike, tell us a bit about yourself & how, why & when you got into training.

My father got me into working out at a young age. He had my brothers and I chopping wood, swimming, sprinting in sand, hiking, pull ups etc… I had my 1st boxing match at age 12

What mistakes did you make when starting out?

When I first started weight training I’d lift the same body parts every day… Like I’d bench press every day!

Tell us a bit about your training philosophy and how training and working at the infamous MetroFlex in CA has helped shape that.

To make it simple, my philosophy is to be strong for a long period of time. My background is combat, so in a fight, endurance is key.

Being strong with that endurance is a bit more difficult, but Ive always trained for that to have an advantage. Since Im not competing anymore as a fighter my training has changed a lot. I do more bodybuilding and powerlifting styled training, however, I still test myself and keep my endurance in check on a regular basis. I still spar and do fight training as well.

I like being muscular, however, I do everything I can to maintain my athleticism and functionality… Carrying this amount of muscle and endurance training is a tad bit difficult, however, I thrive off of challenges, so I challenge myself to maintain both…

You compete in the WBFF: What was behind the decision to start competing and is it something you will continue to do in the future?

I never had any intention on competing, someone recommended I do a show, 2 weeks prior to it. I accepted the challenge and it went well, I liked it so I kept on doing it…

Yes I plan on doing more shows: the shows that I did I didn’t have time to do a legit prep like most do, because they where last minute, so I want to see how I’ll look with a proper prep time…

What advice would you give to someone reading this looking to compete or currently prepping for a show?

Have fun with it! Understand that bodybuilding is a subjective sport: Its just someones opinion, so don’t get your feelings hurt if you don’t place well. Just do your best, Be safe with the prep & avoid extremes, don’t starve yourself (Ive seen people doing this!)

I remember how sick some of the competitors at Worlds looked during the show… Like lethargic, emaciated, spaced out… its not healthy… so main thing is be safe about your prep… Try to have fun!


You’re now a Better Bodies sponsored athlete, how did that opportunity come about?

I got booked for a shoot with them as I supposed they liked my look and my commitment to excellence in fitness and offered me a contract. Im the 1st athlete thats not a huge IFBB star to sign with them, so it is definitely an honour.

The staff are great, much like a family and everyone working for them is in great shape, which says a lot to me. This is definitely a lifestyle for them and I am truly honored to be a part of the family.

What’s an average day’s diet for you when looking to get in top condition?

I eat clean all year round. I want to live a graceful life, so its customary for me to eat healthy. Like I said, I have yet to eat in a “pre contest” capacity, so I have no answer for you yet. I will begin my prep in June but normally i’m not weird about my eating, I aim to eat clean, feed my body what and when it needs, to be replenished based off of my activities.

What training split has worked best for you when looking to add lean muscle mass? Does this change as you prep for a photo shoot?

I change my routine often but base my lifting around the big compound movements… Squats, dead lifts, bench press, barbell rows, barbell shoulder press, pull ups etc… I lift heavy and I always train in volume: This works for me.


What are the top 3 pieces of advice you would give to someone looking to add lean muscle mass?

Train hard.

Eat clean.

Sleep well.

HIIT or LISS for fat loss?

I have my own format, we’ll talk about in another interview :)

What is your current supplementation stack?

I take a hydrolyzed whey protein in the morning with a scoop of Fighter Diet greens. I like to keep things simple.

What’s your favorite ‘blow out’ food?


Favorite Movie?

Too many to name, but stuff like Book of Eli, the old school Conan movies, qwerky stuff like Being John Malkovich etc

What’s on your workout playlist?

It changes often, but right now, T.I., NAS, Rick ROSS, 50 Cent, G Unit, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, French Montana… But ask me this next week, it can be completely different :)


How do you relax outside the gym?

Movies, sleeping and reading

Who Inspires you and why?

My father.

A complete Alpha Male. A mans man. Honest, hard working, strong and gentle.

What are your goals for the future?

Just being the best person that I can be. Live a good fulfilling life, being helpful to others when I can.

Learn more, grow more, be happy…

Connect with Mike:

twitter @ MikeRashid7

Instagram@ MikeRashid


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